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ABS Products got it's start in Lynwood, California in 1960.

Gary Thompson, the president of ABS Products, was working for Automotive Balancing Service balancing as many as 200 rotating assemblies a month. Most were racing applications, some were stock, some industrial applications. Gary never shied away from a challenge which is why he is one of the most respected "innovators" in the industry. Read more below.

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Testimonial: University of Louisville, KY

“The ABS Products system arrived today. All I have to say is WOW that is one sexy machine (I bet no one ever called your systems sexy before). Thank you for your help on this and we look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with ABS Products. Just as a side note one of […]

NEW! Baby Bastard Steel Shot Blast Cabinet

NEW! Baby Bastard Steel Shot Blast Cabinet – ABS-Products.com

Top Loading Soda Blaster We are Building Them Again.

We are buildingĀ the space saving top loading Soda Blaster again! This unit is ONLY 30″ wide by 18″ deep and will fit in your home garage. This one is on its way to Colin M. in Bolton, MA. He will be using for Race Car Chassis Parts, also Equestrian Equipment and miscellaneous projects around the […]

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Steel Shot Blast Cabinet for cleaning crusted waffle irons
48" x 36" Steel Shot Blast Cabinet for Young & Sons, Indianapolis, IN
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Contracts requiring Garnet

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Downdraft Table Pollution Control Workstation built
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Special Application Blast Cabinets, frosting light lenses
Crankshaft Polishing Stand & Crankshaft Polisher
48" Production Soda Blast Cabinet
24" Economical Soda Blast Cabinet
Stainless Steel Shot Blasting Media, its dustless and lasts!
Rack and Pinion Polisher

Gary was and is always thinking about ways to make his balancing jobs, and now yours, easier and faster which is where all of his ideas for the fixtures and tools for balancing came from.

Gary was one of the first to use heavy metal to balance crankshafts which was considerably easier and much safer than lead. Customers, crankshaft manufacturers, and competitors would come in and see the tools and heavy metal or, when they got the rotating assembly back, they would want to know how he did it. When he told them they would realize their value of this tooling and want to buy them.

ABS Products - Featured Products
Sunnen AG 300 Dial Indicator replacement gauge


Replace that oil covered, hard to read gauge with a fresh and accurate replacement gauge at a reasonalble price!

Read more about Sunnen AG 300 Dial Indicator replacement gauges inside >>

Super Drills for Heavy Metal Balancing of Crankshafts
Super Drills - click here to read more inside >>
These drills drill to size! 5/8” shanks clears most flanges!
Drills available separately! Morse Taper shanks available!


1-3/8” hole in 1st, 2nd and 3rd counterweight. With a 1.375” x 1.250” heavy metal will give you a net gain of 300 grams! In order to get a 300 gram gain with 1” heavy metal you’d have to spread 4 - 1” holes over a 5” crank radius.

Read more about Super Drills inside >>

Engine Building Supplies

ABS Products was open for business and eventually took all of Gary's time to keep up with the orders instead of balancing. The ABS in our name originally stood for Automotive Balancing Supplies but with Gary's imagination and knowledge we have expanded beyond the heavy metal and balancing fixtures into Polishing Lathes (for crankshafts, camshafts, racks, etc.) Pollution Control Work Stations (for any application that creates dust and debris to keep to keep it out of the operators face and lungs), the best motorized Ring Grinder on the market today, Abraisve Blasting Cabinets for any and all applications (cleaning, stress relieving, disguising) using all types of medias (baking soda, steel shot, glass beads, plastic to name a few). And simple but time-saving Specialty Tools for all aspects of manufacturing, job shops, and machine shops.

For those of you who have met us at trade shows, you know that ABS Products almost always has something new for you to see and work with.

Special Note: These videos give you the technical overview of our Soda Blaster Blast Cabinets and alllow you to see them in action: the 36" Basic Soda Blaster, 36" Large Top Soda Blaster or the 60" Production Soda Blaster.

We hope you find this website informative and interesting. If you don't see what you want, if you have a question, please call or e-mail us. We will be happy to respond!

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