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Crankshaft Drilling Plaforms -

We also offer Model #8100 Conversion Kit to update the original H3000 Drilling Platform for Hines Balancers. Call us today at 714-671-0728 for more details.


Balancing Supplies – Drilling Platforms
Drill Platform 1

Drill Platforms for Hines & Winona Balancers

Made to clamp to the base of the Hines or Winona balancers. The crankshaft is attached to the top and rigidly held in place for all of your drilling and reaming.

All formed steel construction with aluminum top plate. Slotted hold down clamps for holding counterweights. Allen keys to tighten.

Base attaches to rail of your Hines or Winona balancing machine allowing your drill press to roll over for machining.

Model #8097 for Hines Balancers

Model #8098 for Winona Balancers

Mill Mounted Drill Platform

Mill Mounted Drilling Platform

The best of the best.

Fits on any vertical mill. Allows notching the flywheel flange, dowel pinning the flywheel, drilling lightening holes through the crank pin, boring out for pilot bushings, drilling and reaming for heavy metal on any counterweight.

You can move a hole over, you are flexible, never stuck with just a drill press.

Model #8096 Mill Mounted Drilling Platform


Drilling Platform 2

Drilling Platform

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