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N-200 Blast Cabinets -

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Blast Cabinets – N-200 Blast Cabinet
N-200 Blast Cabinets

N-200 Blast Cabinet Siphon Feed

ABS Products new 3636 N-200 pressureized soda blast Cabinet takes up 1/3 less floor space than our previous model and is easier than ever to service.

Major design improvements include:

  • Lower side mounted dust collector
  • Reclaimer changes extend filter life
  • Blower exhaust silencer
  • Simplified spent media disposal
  • Non-clogging pneumatic valves

The N-200 series of blast cabinets was designed with space saving and quality in mind.

Uses an air venturi siphon feed so that the air pressure is BEHIND the media. Has a 220 square foot paper cartridge filter.

We use negative pressure to suck the air out of the center of a 200 filter, thus the N-200 name.

Pulse air and vibrators for cleaning cycle.

This is an industrial work horse, a rock solid, professional machine, not a toy. We won't design a machine by price, we design it to fulfill its application.

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