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Shot Peen Blast Cabinet -

Call us today at 714-671-0728 if you have any questions.

Blast Cabinets - Shot Peen Blast Cabinets

We do custom cabinets up to 120" wide with two workstations, side by side, for cleaning crankshafts.

Other popular sizes are 36" x 36" and 48" by 48" but we commonly turn out models at 60" x60" and 60" x 36".


NEW! Baby Bastard - for Prototype work or any type of shot peening!

Double Doors, arm rest, larger 8 arm holes, 24 D x 36W, on casters, window protector, laminated 1/4 OSHA approved window, built for custom shot peening, setting up processes, blasts from 15 lbs. to 100 lbs., dual regulators, soft whip hose, feeds with 2 ea. 3/4 hoses, extra air tank to seal the pot immediately, extra resevoir for pulse air, blown down controls depressurive pot immediately. Works with a HUGE range of abrasives .003 inch to 18 grit!

Prices start at $9,500.00 - Call 714-671-0728 today!

shot peen blast cabinet

Shot Peen Blast Cabinets -

Pictured application is just for connecting rod bearing bore big end but we make them any and all shot peening applications: piston manufacturers doing billet pistons, chassis parts, A-arms, used in camoflaging applications.

Used to prepare heads for head gaskets that require a specific, uniform finish.

Model #XXXX - Shot Peen Blast Cabinet

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