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Heavy Metal Checking Weights –

These weights allow you to find the exact spot that needs heavy metal.

This image represents a crankshaft that is over a pound out of balance. If you were off just 3 degrees off on your installation it could turn the counterweight into an uncorrectable position.

Accuracy is essential here; you need these tools. Without simulating the corrections with the ABS Checking Weights you may have an imbalance between crankshaft ends of up to 15%.

Without doing these checks you may put your crankshaft into an uncorrectable situation.


Heavy Metal - Checking Weights
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Heavy Metal Checking Weights

If you’re tired of the guess work involved when balancing with heavy metal, you need ABS Heavy Metal Checking weights! Quickly and accurately establish the exact location and amount of heavy metal needed prior to drilling. Our checking weights fit securely between crankshaft counter weights allowing the exact simulation of heavy metal. Get it right the first time every time! Available in 1/2”, 5/8”, 7/8” , 1” diameters in simulated lengths of 1.200”

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