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Heavy Metal Tungsten Chassis Balancing Weights –

Stackable to bolt on for balancing chassis on Indy cars, stock cars, NASCAR, dragsters ballasts.

Price subject to market variations - call 714-671-0728 for up-to-date pricing!

Heavy Metal Tungsten - Chassis Balancing Weights

We have more special-sized and shaped heavy metal than we can list here. Call us for details and pricing! 714-671-0728

Tungsten heavy metal is a commodity and so prices subject to change. Call for current prices. 714-671-0728

Tungsten Heavy Metal Chassis Balancing Weights

Flat Plate Tungsten Heavy Metal  Chassis Balancing Weights

2.560W x 5.350”L x either .140 and .240 Thicknesses;
.140 = 480 grams and .240 = 980 grams

Here heavy metal chassis balancing weights have been welded to steel plates to aid in mounting them in the vehicle.
We have special welding rod that allows you to create custom shaped plates with heavy metal for YOUR application.

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