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Cylinder sleeve installation is extremely fast and esay and simple with the ABS Model 5520 Sleeve installer. The 5220 Hydraulic Sleeve Installer consists of a hold down bar which locates off the main saddle and has soft aluminum sleeves which will not harm the saddle finish; a sturdy anchor which secures the fhold down bar in position; a threaded bar which extends through the bore; a sleeve pusher plate; and a large wing nut for securing the optional hydraulic ram.

To install a sleeve, the threaded bar is placed through the bore and the hold down bar is inserted in the anchor. Next the sleeve is place over the bar followed by the pusher plate, hydraulic ram and wing nut.

Fluid is then pumped in to the ram forcing the sleeve into the cylinder when the 2-5/8" ram is fully extended the fluid is released, retracting the ram. The wing nut is then tightened and the process repeated until the sleeve is fully installed.

Add ABS Pulling Wrenches and the ram becomes a Hydraulic Stud Puller.

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