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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Stud Puller -

The 5200 Hydraulic Stud Puller is ideal for the production-type shop, or any shop tired of fighting rocker arm studs with inferior stud pullers.

The 5200 Hydraulic Stud Puller is the ultimate in ease and convenience.

Hydraulic Tool - Stud Puller

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Stud Puller -

10 ton hollow ram. Comes with 2 T-wrenches for 5/16" and 3/8" studs. Ram is also used with sleeve installer and harmonic balancer installer (link).

• Use with hand, foot pump, or hydraulic press motor
• Removes stubbornest studs in seconds, rugged steel construction
• 3/8" and 5/16" wrenches included. Hydraulic press adaptor kit available

Model #5200 - Hydraulic Stud Puller

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