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Crankshaft Polishers & Crankshaft Polishing Stands -

Custom Crankshaft Polisher for Marine Crankshaft, Inc. - ABS ProductsSee one of our Custom Crankshaft Polishers in action, in the field at Marine Crankshaft, Inc. in Santa Ana, California


Crankshaft Polisher Video - ABS Engine Rebuilding ProductsSee a video demonstration of the new Crankshaft Polisher and Crankshaft Polishing Stand.

Call us today at 714-671-0728 if you have any questions.

Polishing Lathes - Crankshaft Polisher
Crankshaft Polisher

Bicycle grip style Crankshaft Polisher

Runs at 10,000 RPMS

Uses 1-1/4" and 2" wide cloth belts

110 volt, 60 cycle motor

Changing belts is a snap

Model #4104 - Crankshaft Polisher

Crankshaft Polishing Stand

Brand New
Crankshaft Polishing Stand

Runs at 30 RPMS

5" chuck, inside or outside jaws

32" between centers

Takes up very little shop space

Very affordable! Call 714-671-0728 for price!

Model #5844 - Crankshaft Polishing Stand

Crankshaft Polisher

Crankshaft Polisher

Simply the best available. 50 years of experience went in to the design and we STILL keep improving it!

Spring loaded for ease of changing belt. Belts are the width of crank throws. Polishes up into the radius at the same time.

This machine works great!

32" between centers, also available in special larger model that is 48" between centers!

Model #5644-BMP - Crankshaft Polisher

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