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Rack Polishers -

Rack and Pinion Polisher videoSee our Rack & Pinion Polisher in action in this Rack & Pinion Polisher video!

Now made to 60" in length to accomodate the longer sizes of modern racks.

Every rack needs to be polished so that the seals will seal properly and won't get torn up by nicks in the rack. In the cleaning process, or in storage as a core, racks get damaged and MUST be cleaned up. You'll either do this with a piece of sand paper and your hand or the right way on one of our machines.

Polishing Lathes - Rack and Axle Polishers
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Rack Polisher -

Spindle speed is 600 rpm so that you can get a 3450 rpm speed on the belt.

Availble in 2 speed model: 400 and 600 rpm.

Available in standard 35" and new 45" capacity models.

Optional special negative centers for racks with NO center hole!

Model #5644-RP - Rack Polisher

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42" Camshaft Polisher -

ABS Products builds these polishers from 32" up to 48" in capacity for polishing anything straight like racks, shafts, rocker shafts and transmission parts. Prices range from $4,000 to $6,500 depending on the size and application. Call us with your custom straight polishing needs and we'll build one for you, too! 714-671-0728

Model #5744 - Rack Polisher

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