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Crankshaft Stroke Gauge - $179.00* plus veneers

Knowing the exact stroke is very important when ordering pistons and setting deck heights. Can also be used for checking unknown cranks. Just tighten your favorite digital caliper (not included) onto the bridge, sweep the journal at the top, zero your gauge and repeat at the bottom of the stroke for a direct stroke reading. No math involved! Adjustable V blocks for spacing. Will measure up to a 6.000” stroke (w/8-12” customer supplied digital caliper) BBC with STD journals. Very fast!

Crankshaft Stroke Gauge - Specialty Tools
Piston Ring End Gap Grinder ABS-5950-HP

Piston Ring End Gap Grinder ABS-5950-HP

Congratulations to Pat Moffett, winner of an ABS Products “Dead Nuts” piston ring grinder at the AERA Table Top show in Seattle.

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