Shop Standard™ 2.0

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Shop Standard™ 2.0

The Shop Standard 2.0 is made with 100% welded 12- and 14-gauge CRS. This blast cabinet comes with internal abrasive storage, *patented separator reclaimer, negative pressure, 100% welded, hopper bottom dust storage dust collector with service access door, and many other included standard features that outperforms competitor’s media blasters.

The Shop Standard 2.0 sandblasting cabinet is available in four (4) cabinet sizes to accommodate a variety of applications using a 5/16” (25 cfm) gun size for faster part processing when daily operation is not needed or required.

The original Shop Standard was one of Media Blasts’ first models in 1977. The new, redesigned model debuted in 2018 with an advanced negative pressure cartridge filtration dust collector design used in all Media Blast® siphon and direct pressure Industrial Production blasting cabinets.

The Shop Standard 2.0 MediaBlaster® offers three (3) ways to clean the dust collector: Vibrator, Air Pulse, or both at the same time. These sand blasting cabinets are larger – deeper, wider and taller – and come fully loaded with machine features. The Shop Standard 2.0 is a 100% welded steel cabinet with no-spill door construction. It includes the new cartridge dust collector technology using all negative pressure dust collector construction, semi-automatic pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle and air pulse cleaning using 90 square feet of MERV tested and certified cartridge filtration. (This is the same technology used on the Cobra models.) The Shop Standard 2.0 also has the blower on the clean side of the filters for extended longtime use. An optional Blower Silencer is available for reduced blower exhaust noise level when required.

The All New Shop Standard 2.0 gets you one step closer to industrial sandblasting equipment and construction without the Production machine cost.