Piston Fixture

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Piston Fixture

MODEL # PF-5090

The ABS 5090 Piston Vise is a very versatile tool. It is for flycutting valve pockets in pistons, but you can do a few more things. This is a three jaw chuck mounted on a double sine plate. This gives you a multi-purpose tool with two major advantages. The first one is that you aren’t distorting the piston by squeezing on the pin bosses. The second one is that not only can you work on the top of the piston but you can turn the piston upside down and, using our Pin Boss Cutters, can lighten and balance the pistons correctly and without weakening the piston.

We use a 6″ plain-back chuck which can be taken off the sine plates and mounted on almost any lathe so that the pistons can now be machined for any tapering work or ring groove work that might be necessary. We also furnish you with the jaws that came with the chuck originally so it can be used as a regular chuck!

Speaking about jaws: when you order the Piston Fixture, we will ask what size you would like the jaws turned to. The most common sizes are 3/16″, 1/8″ and 3mm. We can and do turn these jaws to any size you want. You can purchase sets of jaws independently of the piston fixture; we offer them for 6″ & 8″ chucks. Again, we will ask you if you want us to turn the flanges or if you want to turn them true to your chuck.

4″  tall jaws are standard

7-1/2″ jaws are available for taller pistons

We also offer Sleeve Jaws for this fixture for machining piston sleeves.