Valve Seat Grinding Chucks for Lathes

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Valve Seat Grinding Chucks for Lathes


Seat Chucks Mandrel for Lathes:

The mandrels hold valve seats while machining them on a lathe.


  • Fast and easy installation on any lathe or crank grinder
  • Simple expansion of the chucks by center
  • Allows for fast mounting and dismounting of the seat to be machined
  • Reduces the need for an extensive seat inventory
  • Allows you to reuse old and obsolete stock
  • Lets you make seat sizes that are uncommon or hard to get
  • When making seats from bar stock even the smallest leftover can be used

Small 0.551″-1.024″

Medium 0.866″-1.496″

Large 1.378″-1.929″