COBRA Stage I and II Siphon


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COBRA Stage I and II Siphon

Cobra Stage I and II All New for 2018

The two (2) Cobra models are 100% welded, include a negative pressure dust collector using MERV tested and certified cartridge filtration. The Cobra’s are the best of the smaller compact models using 16 or 22 cfm of compressed air.

More Industrial features added to these lower cost models for a cleaner workspace!


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  • 13” x 24” ClearView™ Window
  • Low Static Window Protector Glass
  • Window Sweep
  • Advanced LED Lighting
  • 8” Work Ports
  • All Air Controls
  • Blow-Off Gun
  • Abrasive Flow Control Mixing Valve
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
  • Leg Leveling Pads
  • Right and Left Side Access Door
  • Tool-Less Window Replacement
  • Large Hopper Drain
  • Vertical Flow Control Mixing Valve Sump with Drain
  • Foot Operated Blast
  • Patented Separator Reclaimer
  • Negative Pressure Dust Collector, 100% Welded
  • 90 sq.ft. MERV Tested Filter Cartridges
  • Manually Cleaned Cartridge Rapper (Stage I)
  • Vibrator Cleaned Cartridges (Stage II)
  • Large Dust Storage Hopper
  • Dust Collector Service Door
  • 350 cfm Blower Stage I
  • 500 cfm Blower Stage II
  • 16 cfm Gun (Stage I)
  • 22 cfm Gun (Stage II)
  • Tungsten Blasting Nozzle

Cobra Stage I & II Siphon

Inside Cabinet

42”W x 24”D x 26”H

Overall Cabinet

47”W x 37”D x 82”H


20” x 21-3/4”H

Air Usage Stage I

16 CFM @ 80 PSI

Air Usage Stage II

22 CFM @ 80 PSI


120 Volt-60Hz

Dust Collector

Cartridge 90 Sq.Ft.

Dust Collector Blower stg.I

350 CFM @ 1” S.P.

Dust Collector Blower stg. II

500 CFM @ 1” S.P.

Dust Collector

Dust Storage Hopper

Dust Collector

Service Access Door

Shipping Weight Stage 1

400 Lbs.

Shipping Weight Stage 2

425 Lbs.